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PicoSure is an FDA-approved aesthetic laser technology that uses ultra-short bursts of energy to remove tattoos and benign pigmented lesions. Unlike traditional lasers, PicoSure delivers energy to the problem area in short pulses that are measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). This energy causes tattoo ink or other types of skin damage to break apart into tiny particles that can be easily eliminated from the body. PicoSure is not just for tattoo removal; it is also a quick and easy non-surgical laser treatment for acne scars, wrinkles, and other forms of skin damage.

Picosure’s Technology is in tattoo removal


Picosecond pulse creates an intense photomechanical impact known as PressureWave™. Very swiftly, PressureWave™ shatters the target particles. Each burst occurs in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). This process results in target clearance for colours such as red, orange and yellow with fewer treatments and less fluence, without injury to the surrounding skin. The treatment of stubborn dark, blue and green inks or previously treated but unsuccessful tattoos is also possible with PicoSure.

What is there to love about the  PICOSURE™ LASER for tattoo removal?

Our clients love the PicoSure™ laser for their tattoo removal needs because:

  • It provides much faster tattoo removal than ever before – even up to half the number of treatments than with traditional Q Switched lasers.
  • It creates less heat damage in the cells. This results in virtually no downtime and no scarring or visible after-effects.
  • It does a better job at destroying ink particles in skin cells.
  • It can target and remove blue and green tattoo colors. These have traditionally been hard to treat.
  • It can clear up areas previously only faded with tattoo removal from older lasers. This way, the skin looks more like the tattoo was never there to begin with.
  • It can be used on all skin types.


How does the  PICOSURE™ LASER work to remove tattoos and skin imperfections?

Tattoos fade gradually with multiple laser treatments. It is not currently possible to remove all tattoo ink in the skin with one treatment. But PicoSure™ works faster than traditional tattoo removal with lasers.

The PicoSure™ laser does a much more thorough job at breaking apart tattoo ink particles. This is because of the way the laser light is delivered into the skin. It uses very, very short pulses (these last for just trillionths of a second). The pulses create pressure from energy, causing the ink to break into smaller particles than with traditional lasers. That then makes it easier for the body to remove those particles through absorption by the lymphatic system. The result is permanent tattoo removal, almost as if the skin never had one to begin with.

In the past, the ‘breaking apart’ of ink in the skin had to be done in increments, and by using heat. You can visualize this by imagining the ink of a tattoo as a giant rock boulder. The first treatment was like creating one ‘blast’ to break apart the so-called ‘boulder.’ Then each smaller piece from the initial ‘blast’ had to be broken down in subsequent treatments. This process would repeat until the ‘boulder’ would turn into very small ‘rocks’ – like ‘sand’ even. The skin could then absorb the ink in that state. But we couldn’t do too many ‘blasts’ at once. We also couldn’t create very high heat ‘blasts,’ because that would damage skin, which we want to preserve.

With picosecond technology for laser tattoo removal, it is like the ‘blasts’ to break apart these imaginary ‘boulders’ go much, much faster. They also happen without heating up the skin. Instead of breaking tattoo ‘boulders’ into large ‘rocks’ as a first step, these new lasers start by shattering them into tiny particles, right at the outset. This causes the disappearance of tattoos with fewer treatments. Each treatment is doing a more effective job at ‘shrinking’ ink particles, so they are small enough for the body to absorb, and then remove them.



Are there any side effects  PICOSURE™ TATTOO removal treatments?

Side effects with the PicoSure™ laser are rare. It is generally a safe procedure, when done with precision and training. Each person’s tattoo and skin type need to be assessed for treatment with this machine. This is important for avoiding complications, while still getting the best results possible with each session.

With that said, scarring and skin lightening or darkening where the tattoo once was is common. If you tend to form scars or keloids easily, you should let us know before starting treatment.

Shortly after treatment, your skin will appear lighter for a period. You may also experience redness and swelling after a treatment.

Our services being Physician guided, we exercise great safety in our practice to avoid burns and scarring. This can occur with any laser that is misused.



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