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Vitalia Vaginal Tightening

Numerous factors such as age, childbirth and pregnancy, hormones and menopause can also impact vaginal tissue over time. However, sometimes these changes can negatively affect your day-to-day activities, your confidence, and overall, your quality of life. 

The solution to revitalising your inner wellness and restoring your confidence is our new TempSure Vitalia treatment. Designed to maintain intimate wellness without the use of hormones, invasive procedures, or downtime, TempSure Vitalia is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment and is the ultimate solution for increasing circulation and sensation in your most sensitive areas. Vitalia is designed to improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy (laxity, dryness, itchiness, and painful sex) in younger women and women who have recently given birth.

Vitalia Vaginal Tightening

FDA cleared, TempSure Vitalia harnesses gentle radiofrequency technology, which enables vaginal rejuvenation by delivering therapeutic heat to the target tissue that works to temporarily increase local circulation, boost collagen and elastin production and decrease pain and muscle spasms. 

The increased production of collagen and elastin helps to restore and tighten loose vaginal tissue, enhance nerve sensitivity, reduce urinary leaks and incontinence and improve vaginal health and functionality that women often lose with the normal ageing process. Additionally, vaginal rejuvenation with TempSure Vitalia helps to restore the vagina’s natural lubrication, increasing pleasure whilst minimising pain during intercourse.

Many women claim that the Vitalia treatment brought about a revival in their sexuality, improving their sexual well-being and overall confidence.*

Tempsure Vitalia do for Me?

* Individual results may vary
Vitalia Vaginal Treatment
TempSure Vitalia Vaginal Rejuvenation

What to Expect During Treatment?

The procedure is delivered using a probe specifically designed for your most sensitive areas. During the treatment you will feel a gentle heating of the target tissue, however the treatment has been carefully designed with you in mind to deliver heat gradually for a comfortable therapeutic experience every single time.

With treatments lasting less than 30 minutes and with no downtime required, the procedure fits nicely into your busy schedule and provides the ability for you to return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Picosecond pulse creates an intense photomechanical impact known as PressureWave™. Very swiftly, PressureWave™ shatters the target particles. Each burst occurs in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). This process results in target clearance for colours such as red, orange and yellow with fewer treatments and less fluence, without injury to the surrounding skin. The treatment of stubborn dark, blue and green inks or previously treated but unsuccessful tattoos is also possible with PicoSure.

World’s Best Vaginal Rejuvenation non-surgical or discomfort and downtime

Is a nurse or doctor going to do my treatment?

If there was any benefit whatsoever to having a nurse do your treatment, we would definitely have a nurse performing these treatments. There is no need for injections or anesthesia, so it is not necessary for a nurse to do your procedure. If there are any concerns or reasons for caution our doctor will personally review your treatment plan before proceeding. Instead, we have highly trained and experienced laser technicians who specialize in medical aesthetics. They have also been trained to give an extra measure of pampering, so you feel well taken care of during your treatment. 

We are very proud to be able to offer this treatment to patients. To find out if TempSure™ Envi is the right treatment for you, please call or text our office at 403- 930-9395 for your expert consultation.

Vitalia Vaginal Treatment

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